Prayer Service at Liberiet

2011-11-09 12:12 av | Lämna kommentar

This coming Sunday there will be a Prayer Service at Liberiet, the medieval building next to the Cathedral. We will be on the upper floor. If you stand in front of the main entrance look to your right and you will see a information sign. Squeeze past the sign and the fence and you will find a side entrance leading to the upper floor.
The theme for this Sunday is waiting and watchfulness. We are getting close to the end of the Christian year and the topics are getting more serious. Readings for Sunday: Amos 8:9-12, Phil 3:20 – 4:1, Luke 17:20-30.

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  1. Emmie says:

    What time will this be? I’d heard there were services in English at domkyrkan and my husband who doesn’t speak Swwedish wants to go but we can’t find any information at all on the kalendarium. I found your blog by chance on the front page.

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